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Leisurely breakfasts and lazy lunches are some of the joys of the weekend. After five days filled with cereal bowls, handheld meals, catered lunches or quick runs to the closest to-go spots, sitting down and enjoying a meal is not only a luxury, but a necessity. Last weekend I enjoyed both a leisurely breakfast and a lazy lunch to their fullest.

My Saturday mornings usually consist of waking up, feeding the kitties, brewing coffee and catching up on current events. In the middle of sipping some delicious freshly brewed coffee D suggested we go out to breakfast. It was a sunny San Francisco day so I picked a place we could easily walk to, Rocco’s Cafe.

Egg white omelet with hot sauce and sliced tomatoes

Rocco’s Cafe is a small restaurant that specializes in old world authentic Italian cuisine. It is a family owned restaurant that prides itself on being “a family tradition and a neighborhood favorite.” The family itself dates back five generations with Italian restaurants opened and run by various family members through the city. We go to Rocco’s because I really like their frittatas and they have many to choose from. On this visit to Rocco’s Cafe I ordered the tomato, basil & provolone cheese frittata. It was delicious! D ordered an egg white omelet served with a side of tomatoes.

Frittata & potatoes

Sunday was equally as wonderful as Saturday, but instead of breakfast with D (D for David) it was lunch with a different D, Dara. Dara loves trying new restaurants and I love that too! After much research on my part (another thing I love is choosing the restaurant), I found a little place in the Mission that serves a gluten-free lunch and brunch. Radish, a relatively new restaurant has a seasonally changing menu that strives to use high quality locally sourced ingredients, makes most menu items from scratch, and does it’s best to accommodate the ever growing gluten-free community. With a mission statement like that how could I pass this place up.

Dara and I agreed to meet at 1:30pm, for a lazy lunch on what turned out to be another gorgeous San Francisco day. The restaurant is small and cozy with a wine bar and an open kitchen. Our server was fun, energetic, knowledgeable and quick to offer us bottomless mimosas. There is a brunch menu and a lunch menu so if you aren’t seeing what you want from one ask for the other. Dara is one of the sweetest people I have had the luxury of meeting. She always has a kind word, she is open to anything, she is judgment free, and as I said before she loves to try new things. With those qualities it was no wonder she offered to share two gluten-free items off of the menu when she saw me struggling with my choice. After 20 minutes of chatting and sipping mimosas we finally ordered. We shared the gluten-free flat bread and the BBQ pork (GF BBQ sauce) sandwich on gluten-free bread.

Gluten-free flatbread of the day

BBQ Pork Sandwich

When the food arrived it looked absolutely delicious. The flat bread arrived first and I knew straight away that they had purchased the flat bread itself from Mariposa Bakery. I was already smiling, because I knew it wouldn’t disappoint. The flat bread was topped with roasted garlic and peppers, caramelized onions and creamy goat cheese. I loved it! The flat bread was warm and soft, but with some crispness too. The garlic, peppers and onions were sweet and the goat cheese though creamy added a little bite. The BBQ pork sandwich was also good, but not my favorite of the two. The pork was fork tender, the flavors of the pickled jalapeno and the chili remoulade worked really well together, and the crunch and coolness of the lettuce added the contrasting texture the sandwich needed. The bread however, though it looked very similar to a biscuit was a little doughy. It could have been that once it is topped with the BBQ pork the bread starts to breakdown, but I can’t be sure. Next time I will try a different sandwich so I can decide what I really think about the bread.

I love living in a city where gluten-free options are springing up all over, especially brunch ones!

Rocco’s Cafe
1131 Folsom St
(between Langton St & 7th St)
San Francisco, CA 94103
(415) 554-0522

3465 19th Street (at Valencia)
San Francisco, CA 94110
(415) 834-5441

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