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Gluten-free pizza I’ve eaten out and ordered in

Mmmmmmmmmm, Bobby G’s Pizzeria

Have you ever found yourself saying, “I can’t believe I ate the whole thing?” I sure know I have, and yesterday at Bobby G’s Pizzeria was one such occasion. I have been to Bobby G’s before, and I have eaten the entire small gluten-free pizza before, so I knew what I was in for. Nevertheless I have issues with restraint when it comes to pizza.

My first experience at Bobby G’s was a few months back. D and I each ordered our own small pies, me gluten-free and him not. We both loved our pizzas so much that yesterday we headed back for our second time. The first thing that I noticed was that they get their crusts from Mariposa Bakery. Mariposa sells their crusts to many establishments around the bay area, so the level of deliciousness really rides on what the place does with the crust. In my opinion Bobby G’s makes the best pie with Mariposa’s crust. My first pie was the pizza Bianca, Extra virgin olive oil, fresh mozzarella, aged parmesan, garlic, and fresh herbs. It had a crispy crust and they used great ingredients.

For my second visit I absolutely had to go for a pepperoni pizza. Pepperoni is my all time favorite pizza so to really judge a place and give a fair review it is imperative that I order one of these. Well my friends I have to say that it was AWESOME!!!! The crust was crispy from first bite to last crumb. The sauce was tangy and flavorful with a perfect ratio of sauce to ooey-gooey, tasty cheese. Another fantastic aspect of this pie was that the pepperoni was in abundance, but without grease pooling in the center. I loved this thing so much in fact that I once again uttered the words, “I can’t believe I ate the whole thing.” I mean look at the crispy edge of the crust, how could I not?

The pies aren’t cheap, but nothing gluten-free is. What I can say is that they are fantastic and worth every penny. Nom, nom, nom this pizza gets to thumbs up.

Bobby G’s Pizzeria
2072 University Avenue
Berkeley, CA 94704

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Gluten-free NYC Eats- Risotteria

As I am sure it is clear by now pizza rocks my world. I have tried it far and wide and can honestly say, New Yorker’s do it right. Whether it be a corner slice of Sicilian, a traditional fold em’ and go slice, or a gluten-free pizza, NYC does it best.

Last month I spent a week in NYC visiting friends, family and the city itself. During my trip I sampled many delicious dishes, but it was the gluten-free pizza that blew my mind. I had read many reviews on Risotteria, but I absolutely had to see what all the brew ha ha was about for myself. With my mom visiting me from Philly and happily going where ever I led, I decided I would lead us to Risotteria.

My mom and I hopped a subway to W. 4th and were on our way. As we emerged from the subway on 6th Ave. and started walking to Risotteria, we passed some of my favorite gluten filled pizza joints (Joe’s and John’s). I pointed them out to my mom and relived the joyous times I had eating at them. I really did savor every bite of every good slice I ever ate. As we rounded the corner on to Bleecker I saw it, Risotteria. It wasn’t big, it wasn’t boldly lit, but my eye was immediately drawn to it.

Risotteria is a small, glass enclosed restaurant. We arrived for a late lunch and there was no line, but every table was full. We sat down and a tall glass filled with bread sticks was placed on our table. I had a feeling they were gluten-free, but I didn’t want to grab one and find out I was mistaken. My mom, starving and not caring about whether they were gluten-free grabbed one and started munching away. As she sat there enjoying the bread stick she gave me that, sorry I’m eating when you can’t, look. As it turns out was she wrong, wrong, wrong! These were gluten-free bread sticks that were so darn tasty she didn’t know the difference. As you can see by the picture they are light and airy. The dough is seasoned well and the texture is spot on.

The menu was fantastic with lots of options. Obviously this place is known for risotto, but I was there for the pizza. Even though there were tons of gluten-free pizzas to choose from I ordered the margarita pizza. The pizza was thin, crispy and chewy and cheesy. The sauce to cheese ratio was perfect. This pizza, believe it or not, was better than the one I had in Rome. Yes, Rome! My mom ordered a delightful spinach salad with mushrooms and truffle oil. It was so flavorful she didn’t even need dressing.

I loved Risotteria! The pizza was delicious, the service was friendly and attentive and the location is fantastic. I’ll definitely be back!

270 Bleecker St
New York, NY 10014
(212) 924-6664

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Gone Gluten-Free has gone to Europe-Rome

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Unbeknownst to most including myself until just before my trip, Italy has one of the highest rates of Celiac in Europe (please refer to the AIC‘s site for more information). The general population is tested for Celiac during early childhood. Because of this most restaurants are aware of the disease. With this knowledge I was convinced that Rome was going to be an eating paradise and it was. If you are concerned about making your gluten issues clear in restaurants, print yourself this card Italian Celiac / Coeliac Gluten Free Restaurant Card) and hand it out to your server.

Inside the Pantheon

After a long and beautiful train ride D & I arrived in Rome. It was late by the time we got to the hotel and checked in so we decided not to venture out. The following day we made a plan to visit various ancient ruins and ultimately end up at Obika Mozzarella Bar for lunch. Rome is not the easiest city to navigate, but with two maps and a smart phone we finally found it. Unfortunately for you I do not have pictures of our visit to Obika Mozzarella Bar, but I do have a link to their menu. As I am sure you have figured out by now this restaurant serves mozzarella, several varieties in fact. I had the Stracciatella di Burrata (Buffalo mozzarella with cream filled center) and handmade Mortadella. It was absolutely incredible – so creamy and delightful! The mouth feel was indescribable. Don’t forget to bring your gluten-free crackers to this little slice of heaven.

Another sunny afternoon D and I decided to try a restaurant recommended to me by a dear friend, Miraggio. She said, “The food is incredible. If you go you must order the riso al crema di scampi, it is amazing. Also, if they have the lasagna, (which my friend’s grandmom makes) you must get it.” Clearly our entrees were decided for us, that was a no brainer. She continued by saying, “Definitely get carciofi if you like artichokes, they are famous in Rome, either alla giudea, which are fried and crispy and taste like potato chips, or alla romana, stuffed.” Sadly we could not try the artichokes, because they aren’t in season in July. “Also something I love and they only seem to have in Rome is cicoria ripasata, which is like bitter spinach sautéd in olive oil, garlic and chili peppers….”
*If you go at lunch to Miraggio, keep in mind that restaurants in Rome, and Italy in general, are open for lunch from around 12:00-2:30, then they close until dinner around 7:00-11:00.

Well what can I say, the food is incredible! We started with mussels and clams in a white sauce and mussels in a red sauce. The clams were sweet and delicate. The mussels were smaller than the ones we get in the U.S., and very tender. The tomatoes in the red sauce were so delicious that I continued eating them even after finishing all the mussels. I let Dave enjoy the sauce with his bread. Next we had two sides of greens, chicory (cicoria ripasata) and rapini/broccoli rabe. The flavor of each green was unique, however both were slightly bitter, sweet and garlicky with a little spice. As I mentioned above, Dave ordered the lasagna (this is not gluten-free), and said it was the BEST he had ever eaten. He remarked on how the pasta was cooked al dente, something he had never experienced in a lasagna before. I ordered the riso al crema di scampi, which was divine. The rice was firm and the sauce was creamy; basically it tasted like a rich lobster bisque (except it was shrimp) and, just as impossible to stop eating. Perfect harmony is the only way to put it. We decided to come back at least one more time.

Gluten-free Margherita pizza

Now for the pizza, the food this gluten-free gal searches for wherever she goes. After a little research on TripAdvisor, I found a place with a gluten-free menu serving gluten-free (senza glutine in Italian) pizza called Voglia Di Pizza.

Diavlo pizza

My heart skipped a beat when I read the reviews. The gluten-free pizza at home is a far cry from my beloved favorite food, but in Rome how would I fare? Would it be all I had hoped for? Let’s put it this way, I went two days in a row. The first time I went I had a margarita pizza and it was good, damn good. I ate the whole thing while watching the patrons around me unable to finish theirs. During our second visit both Dave and I ordered the Diavlo pizza with spicy salami. Mine was gluten-free and his was not. Please observe the bit of crust from Dave’s pizza showing in the picture, it looks just like mine. Both days the pizza was thin, but not soggy. The crust had a tasty char on the edges, but wasn’t burnt or a crunchy cracker. I don’t know how they did it, but the consistency was crunchy, chewy and cheesy. It was the closest thing I have had to a gluten filled pizza.

The day before we left we FINALLY found a grocery store. These places are so hidden that it was pure luck to have found one. We bought wine, prosecco and water (still and sparkling/frisante) for a fraction of the price of anywhere else. As well as finding the grocery we also found an incredible salumerie, Rosciolo. Apparently it’s also a bakery and restaurant, but we were there for the meat and cheese.

Mmmmmm, cured meats

On our first pass at the store we bought some Iberico ham, pecorino and roasted tomatoes in olive oil. We walked down the street to a church, sat down on the steps and began eating. I had gluten-free crackers in my bag that worked perfectly. On our way back we passed the store again. This time we were ready to lay down some euros and go whole hog. We ordered various cured hams (Iberico, prosciutto and a Portuguese one), Mortadella, burrata, more pecorino and more roasted tomatoes in olive oil. We took this back to our room and made a picnic.


Rome is a wonderful city. I only wish I had more time to explore all it has to offer. There were more restaurants to try, streets to explore and sites to see. I have just broken the surface and I am ready to go back and see what is beneath.

Obika Mozzarella Bar
Piazza Campo dei Fiori – corner Via dei Baullari
00186 – Roma
Tel.: +39 06 68802366
Open everyday from 8 am to 2 am.
From 6.00 pm “Aperitivo Obikà” with little mozzarella “bocconcini” and tastings

Miraggio Club
Via della Lungara 16, Rome, Italy

Voglia Di Pizza
Via Dei Giubbonari 33
00186 Roma (RM)
phone 06 6875293

Roscioli Restaurant
Via dei Giubbonari, 21
00186 Rome
Tel: 06 6875287

DS Pizza Point
This shows 460 gluten-free pizza locations throughout Italy

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Goat Hill Pizza

For my family and friends it is no surprise to hear me say, I love pizza! The surprise in that statement is that I am saying it even after becoming gluten-free. I have searched high and low for even a decent gluten-free pizza, but up until now it was all for naught.

Last week, the day before my birthday, I found myself home alone and not wanting to cook. I had read on the Mariposa Baking Co. website that their breads and pizza crusts were being served at various Bay Area restaurants. One of these Bay Area restaurants is in my hood, and delivers, Goat Hill Pizza. I had eaten their gluten filled pizzas before, so naturally, I was only too happy to try their gluten-free ones.

I ordered myself a small pepperoni pizza, because they don’t make larger gluten-free ones, turned on my oven with my new pizza stone inside (I’m the kind of pizza eater who likes to eat pizza that is so hot it burns the roof of your mouth up), and anxiously awaited its arrival.

The pizza arrived in a timely manner. I took three pieces and placed them carefully on my stone. Of course as I was waiting I couldn’t let the remainder of the pizza sit there, so I dug in. Even though it was only lukewarm I could tell I was going to like it, but the real test was yet to come. Would the crust be thin and crispy enough? Would the cheese have flavor? Would the sauce have flavor? Would I order this pizza again?

When I finally pulled the pizza from the oven it was hot, the crust was crispy, there was enough cheese that the pizza was gooey, and the pepperoni was glistening. I took a bite, burned the hell out of my mouth, and was happy. This pizza made me happy. The crust had great flavor and it was crispy without being a cracker. The cheese was gooey and not completely bland. The sauce was well seasoned, even a little tangy. The whole thing together made a great tasting gluten-free pizza. Yes, I will order this pizza again!

Goat Hill Pizza(Delivery)
171 Stillman St
San Francisco, CA 94107
(415) 974-1303

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